Head and Neck Massage




20 €

Enjoy the Head Neck Massage at Salon De Massage stores. Short scalp massage with special pressures that relax and relieve everyday tension. Scalp massage not only improves hair texture, but also improves blood circulation. It stimulates hair follicles and removes dead flakes. These in turn give room for new hairs to grow. Also, the head massage relieves you of tension and headaches, as well as neck and back pain. It reduces stress, promotes relaxation and is generally a popular massage that is often requested for general well-being. It helps to remove toxins and strengthen the immune system. It restores mobility, improving circulation which raises energy and enhances concentration. With head massage you can notice a significant improvement in migraine and headaches, sinusitis, stress disorders, insomnia and disturbed sleep, the increase in the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain, it calms, relaxes, relieves and creates a tax. Also in the head, where the stress and tension of everyday life is concentrated, various problems are created, so with the pressure on specific points we will definitely feel relief and relaxation, which is why it is a massage that you must try!