Facial Lymph




25 €

Enjoy the Facial Lymphatic Massage at Salon De Massage stores. Facial lymphatic massage is effective for fighting wrinkles, mild acne, relaxing and desensitizing the skin. The therapist uses a special facial massage and contributes to the detoxification and renewal of the skin tissues. We use gentle suction combined with manual massage to move lymph, eliminate toxins and generally rejuvenate the skin. Lymphatic drainage with massage is a gentle technique to help increase lymph flow. Thus, the activity of the immune system increases. The benefits of facial lymphatic massage are the good flow of lymph, resulting in the elimination of toxins, strengthening the immune system and increasing metabolism. The results of the facial lymphatic massage are visible from the 1st session. The lymphatic massage is another massage that has the ability to improve the health of the face, because it expels toxins, eliminates puffiness under the eyes, while simultaneously rejuvenating the face by giving its shine. Lymph is the most important fluid in our body after blood. It is our defense system and at the same time the system that expels toxins. It is a massage that will directly see your face rested and bright. It is worth trying it and seeing its beneficial effects immediately.