Deep Tissue




25 €

Enjoy Deep Tissue Massage at Salon De Massage outlets. In deep tissue massage, the therapist uses intense pressure on all the deep muscle groups, with fingers, fists, forearms or even elbows. This has the effect of relaxing not only the superficial muscles, but the entire structure and course of the muscle groups and connective tissues located deep within the second and third layers of the muscular system, thus helping to combat muscle spasms , chronic inflammation, muscle pain and stress. The deep tissue massage is a deep and strong massage, the intensity increases gradually and consists of strong and slow movements that work deep inside the muscles, relax and detoxify them. It is particularly useful in cases of chronic muscle contraction and tension. It relieves where there is pain and tension, helps with blood circulation and muscle pain. Deep tissue massage is particularly therapeutic for those suffering from chronic conditions, muscle cramps and stiffness as well as for athletes. This massage works in natural ways by softening adhesions using focused pressure. It also helps with posture, limited mobility and the treatment of injuries such as sports injuries. It is effective in relieving osteoarthritis. In general, it is a beneficial massage for many ailments.