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Enjoy Lomi-Lomi Massage at Salon De Massage stores. The method and characteristics of this particular relaxing Lomi-Lomi massage are based on a tradition that is hundreds of years old. The characteristic of this massage is that the therapist focuses on two points of the body at the same time. This helps the mind to relax because it finds it difficult to concentrate on two points at the same time. In this massage the therapist uses the forearms as well as the palms and fingers thus removing tension from the body and unblocking the mind from negative energy. This massage can be slow and relaxing. It is a type of massage that facilitates mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Lomi-Lomi massage helps to release energy, unblock it and give it a new direction of flow. It is possible for the person receiving the treatment to feel an emotional release because the Hawaiian massage can remove negative emotions and thoughts that have been stored in the cells of the body. It is the appropriate technique for the absolute balance and harmony of the soul and mind.