Duration 45΄  Price : 25 €

Enjoy Lomi-Lomi Massage Extra at Salon De Massage.

    Lomi-Lomi massage is an old traditional Hawaiian method for relaxing the body and mind. Characteristic of this treatment is that the therapist focuses simultaneously on two points of the body. This helps the mind of the recipient relax, since it is difficult to concentrate on two points at the same time. The therapist uses his/her palms, forearms, fingers and knuckles to remove tension from the body and unblock the mind from negative energy.
    This massage is slow and stress-relieving and facilitates mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It releases and unblocks the energy, giving way to a new direction of flow. You will experience an emotional release while the negative emotions and thoughts stored in the body’s cells will be removed, bringing balance and harmony to your mind and soul.


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