Sport Massage

Sport Massage

Duration 45΄  Price : 20 €

Enjoy Sport Massage Massage at Salon De Massage.

    This massage is suitable for any time but especially after a workout.  Ideal for tight and stiff muscles throughout the body, acting deep in the muscular system. Our therapist will make use of their hands and elbows as well as various stretching techniques to help relieving your muscles.
    The aim is to prepare the athlete both physically and mentally for his/her trainings or games but also to help him/her recover from injuries. Sports massage increases blood flow within muscles achieving better oxygenation of the tissues removing toxins and unused metabolic products from your system.
    Depending on the method used we can have different effects on the nervous system. In order to activate the muscles and the nervous system a light and quick massage is applied, whereas a slow and in depth massage is applied in order to relax and relieve them.
    Finally, sports massage decreases muscle stiffness, making them more flexible, decreases discomfort during exercise contributing to a better and quality exercise. It is ideal after exercise because it cleanses the muscles of lactic acid while it provides energy and strength recovery in a short time.


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